Why Tulsa Temps?

We know you are busy so we won’t call on you daily or weekly promising workers with skill sets that are not readily available to us when we call.

As an established staffing service that provides quality people at reasonable rates, our business has grown because our clients recommend Tulsa Temps to others. We are prepared to work hard in identifying, researching and providing employees for your company. We think you will find Tulsa Temps offers the same commitment to excellence that you offer to your customers everyday.

What do you have to lose? Nothing really…a quick meeting at your convenience and we can start looking for top talent for your company. Put us to the test!

Unless you contact us for a specific need, you have our promise that you won’t hear from us too often. If we do contact you it will be in consideration of a top candidate to fulfill your staffing need.

You may already be working with another service or even be under a contract with a staffing vendor. We appreciate your loyalty to your current vendors, but would like to ask you a couple of simple questions.

Isn’t the goal for your company to identify and recruit top talent?

Doesn’t your job get easier if you have an additional vendor looking for candidates that could be successful for you?

Additionally, being a locally owned company allows us to tailor our services to reflect the terms of almost any contract so that you could receive the services you are currently receiving from one vendor from two different vendors. The competition between vendors for finding the best candidates should produce better results for you.

We Help Job Seekers & Employers Excel