Our philosophy is simple

To have the most professional temporary services available

About Tulsa Temps

We are Tulsa Temporary and Personnel Services, or Tulsa Temps for short. A locally owned company with all of our operations including interviewing, payroll and bookkeeping handled locally. This allows us to tailor our services to your needs. We have over 25 years of experience in the staffing industry in Tulsa and feel we can handle most any request.

Tulsa Temps has one main philosophy: to have the most professional temporary services available. With a high level of professional temporaries, Tulsa Temps can provide quality support for clients to enable continued success for all. Today more and more companies are choosing Tulsa Temps for just that reason.

By being selective, we have assembled an exceptional group of talented and reliable employees. We put the following verification in place:

  • On-going evaluations are in place to ensure a satisfied client

  • A follow-up evaluation at the end of each job is performed

  • Feedback from the client is requested to ensure effective, professional, quality Tulsa Temps employees

Successful temporary employment requires a careful match between employer and employee. Each client’s needs are carefully analyzed and verified to ensure a qualified candidate is placed with each job. The skills of the employee are verified with the same thoroughness; quality is always the utmost consideration.

In addition to skills, dependability and availability are requirements of Tulsa Temps personnel. Complete testing and thorough background checks are routine practice.

We Help Job Seekers & Employers Excel